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NYC Outward Bound Schools

Each year the Award will recognize an individual or team that exemplifies the qualities of support, creativity, service, adventure, and innovation for a better, more just society.


Pascale Florestal, whom her nominator described as “the future of our country," has been named as the recipient of the inaugural Greg Farrell Award.

By Tania Ralli, Dianna Bell, Arielle Gray, Amelia Mason, Andrea Shea, Cristela Guerra, Magdiela Matta &Jenn Stanley

For the second time since 2019, we are thrilled to present The ARTery 25, Greater Boston artists of color who stand out for the work they are making. Each one brings tenacity and rigor to their art, whether it’s on the stage, on a canvas, or served up on a plate. They uplift those in their orbit, and deliver an incisive perspective on the world around them



Author  -  HowlRound

Pascale Florestal talks about the lack of critics of color in theatre and creating the Young Critics Program in Boston, through Front Porch Arts Collective, to counter this problem.

Now You Will See Us.jpg

Interviewee  -  WBUR, The ARTery

“We have to be innovative. So that means we have to lean on the people who have had to be innovative because they were left out of the conversation. That's artists of color. That's queer artists. That's artists who have disabilities. It's time for us to put them at the forefront and give them opportunities for their stories to be told.”

AmTh Image.jpg

Interviewee  -  American Theatre

“I’m also really thinking about what it means for theatre to be more accessible. Now that we can’t physically be in the theatre, how can we bring this to everyone?”

Pascale and friends posing on set

Author  -  ArtsBoston

"When I first moved to Boston, I knew I wanted to direct theater and possibly teach, but was so unsure of what path to take...I have worn many hats and have learned so much from wearing them and hope these things can help you to your path of being an artist.

ISOLATED INCIDENTS_3000sqv2_edited.jpg

Produced by Broadway Podcast Networks, Rattle Stick Playwrights Theater and ROCO Productions; 


ISOLATED INCIDENTS follows five essential workers and their families as they grapple with anxiety and the need for honesty--and how race impacts every interaction and decision they make. The series shows that maybe all those isolated incidents aren’t so isolated after all. 

Playwright - Episode 5 Monster in the Pandemic

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