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Pass Over

Pascale Florestal has worked as a teaching artist and educator with The Huntington Theatre Company, Company One, Boch Center for the Performing Arts, Greater Boston Stage Company, and The Theater Offensive. She has also worked as a Playwright Mentor for the Young Playwrights Festival at The O'Neill.


Pascale has worked with several Boston Public schools and with schools in the Greater Boston Area. As an educator, Pascale's technique of using theatre as a way to connect with text and literacy has assisted students in a variety of programs and organizations.


As an artist, Pascale believes that the art of play, ensemble building, and creative exploration is the key to expanding young people's minds and abilities. Pascale has worked with ages 5 to 22 in programs focused in using theatre to create theatrical experiences. As a youth advocate, she has organized programs, facilitated workshops and curriculum to help young people in developing their skills as leaders and artist. 

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